Broccoli Decatur, Illinois

Here we are fall in Central Illinois, the colors, the crisp weather and the goodness that is in the air. I love fall and so this is a perfect time for me to get out more and get some great photos of this area. This time along with my trusty camera I decided to get some aerial shot with my DJI Phantom Drone. I hope to get some more cool shots as I love how this is just such a different angle that most people are not used to seeing the sites etc this way.

This was in the southern part of the lake near the location where the city is planning on doing some logging although this is still up for much debate. This was late afternoon and the sun was sitting as I was hoping I would be able to catch some really cool shadows in the woods.

I will have more photos and videos up soon so always check back. See more of my work at the link below –

George Strohl Photography

Below is what I think looks like Broccoli in the Decatur area.







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