Ok so I have had this blog for several years and never really posted regularly if at all lol. I am going to change this wether that is good or bad remains to be seen. I started this blog with the intentions of sharing events and the beauty of the Decatur area. I am going to continue this of course since the site has such a cool name but I am also going to share my other photography and so be it adventures. Now mind you I don’t take a lot of or have a lot of adventures but I am looking to step that up so we will see what happens, along with this I am looking to get out and photograph more things.

Soon I will be updating my about page and probably changing it several times lol – I also hope to be posting something on here at least once a week – a beautiful photo with a behind the scenes look at and discussion of the photo how it was shot and of course the adventure.

So in short I hope that you follow me on this journey as I really give this blogging thing a chance, I mean it seems like it’s going to stick around lol – I will be also stepping up my IG story game if you would like to follow me there, believe me there was room for improvement there.

Oh I almost forgot I will be linking to the photos as fine art prints you can purchase, greeting cards etc.


Thanks, George

Me and my beautiful wife in Florida

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