My first Art Contest

Well I decided to enter an Art Contest – I was excited and for all that know me you know I really don not enter Art Contests and that when I do I wait till the last minute lol – This was no different!

This was held by the Sullivan Arts Council during their community event ARToctoberfest held in downtown Sullivan, Illinois. It seemed like the perfect contest to get my feet wet and see how these things work.

So I was off, I loaded up two framed and matted prints and headed to Sullivan. I decided during this process that matting is a difficult thing to do and not for me lol – I arrived with my entry fee and two prints, “Merchant Street” and “Destin Pier” I was excited but after dropping them off I would have to wait for a week for the public showing and the results.

Here it is, Friday evening, glass of wine in hand I scope out the other fine work and think wow there are some good things here….it was not just photography but mixed art..a little bit of everything and all of it was good. So as the judge goes around the winning pieces announcing them and describing what she saw in each piece I heard her announce Destin Pier 🙂 I was excited!! She described the colors the scene and what she loved about the image. I loved that I won lol.

Although the journey of capturing the photo and the editing is what I really do enjoy, winning an award and some $$ is always great 🙂


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