Prairieland Punishers Last Season Home Bout 2016 – Decatur, Il Photographer

This was the last bout of the 2016 season for the Prairieland Punishers. Due to flooding in the rival team’s hometown, they were unable to make it so the Punishers played against each other to finish the season. Check out the Punishers Page for more info and schedule for the 2017 season..

Here are a few shots from the bout as always check my site for the full gallery –


prairieland-punishers-roller-derby_001 prairieland-punishers-roller-derby_002 prairieland-punishers-roller-derby_010 prairieland-punishers-roller-derby_019 prairieland-punishers-roller-derby_025 prairieland-punishers-roller-derby_052 prairieland-punishers-roller-derby_068 prairieland-punishers-roller-derby_130 prairieland-punishers-roller-derby_145 prairieland-punishers-roller-derby_148

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